Mixing the kinetic energy of beatboxing and freestyle rapping with patient, grounded, relationship-based longform improv, Milly Can Rap is a one-of-a-kind two-man freestyle improv show.

Seasoned Europe-based improvisers and teachers Trent and Ryan first met at the Finland International Improv Festival, and discovering a shared love for rap and improv, ended up creating Milly Can Rap.

Thoughtful and engaging longform ‘duoprov’ accented with uniquely entertaining freestyle rap, their show is something uniquely their own.

Who is Milly?

Ryan Millar (CAN – but he lives in Amsterdam)
Ryan is an improviser, writer, storyteller, communications trainer, and comedian living in Amsterdam. Originally from Vancouver, Ryan has lived in Brussels, Rome, and London with a brief stint in Hawaii along the way. He has over fifteen years experience teaching, training and entertaining, from Canada to Turkey.

Sitting in on freestyle sessions with the Crazy Automated Technicians in Vancouver in the early 2000s ignited Ryan’s passion for hip-hop, and he was soon freestyling and writing raps as much as he could. There are still notebooks full of half-written rhymes under his bed. Though some of those raps became actual songs; his first hip hop group See Spot Rhyme’s first album Ready, Set, Rap! is as rare as it is delightful. His solo rap track Nobody’s Perfect is here.

Trent Pancy (USA – but he lives in Finland)

Trent has been studying, performing and teaching improv for nearly 10 years. Armed with a BA in Theatre Arts from Kalamazoo College, Trent moved to Chicago, where he completed the improv programs at The Second City Conservatory, The Second City Music Program, the iO Theatre Training Center, and also trained at ComedySportz Chicago. Trent currently lives and works in Tampere, Finland, where he teaches, produces and performs improv and stand up comedy. Oh, and also there’s the Finland International Improv Festival.


When we are lucky enough, we are backed by our good friend and wonderfully talented musical director Sacha Hoedemaker.
He doesn’t have a website. Or a bio. Yet.

Photo by Olli Heinänen

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