Milly Can Blush

Praise for Milly Can Rap

“… a fast paced show with original rhymes and a surprising story!”
– Sven Lanser, Artistic Committee Member at IMPRO Amsterdam – Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Milly Can Rap bring enormous energy, talent and skill to their take on improv comedy.”
– Kevin Scott Centralia, The Peoples Improv Theater – New York City

“I’ll never forget watching two superb improvisers push each other and themselves as far as they could go, much farther than any of us could have imagined… the fluidity, the swagger, the creativity, and the big laughs!”
-Dan Ryan, Barcelona Improv Group – Barcelona, Spain

“It made me jealous, just that.”
-Rauno Meronen, Founder of Ruutu10, Estonia

“… we were treated to an exceptional show from Milly Can Rap… it almost looked rehearsed! Needless to say, we’d love to have them back!!”
– Noah Levin, Head Producer of the Barcelona Improv Festival, Barcelona, Spain

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